Having an Attorney With Knowledge of Criminal and Immigration Law Better Protects the Immigration Status of a Client Facing Criminal Charges

The Firm offers consulting services to attorneys representing clients in criminal court and non-profit organizations representing clients in immigration court.  Because the Firm's expertise is in "crimmigration" (the intersection of criminal and immigration law, the Firm is in a unique position to assist, in a consulting capacity, defense counsel representing noncitizen clients.  The Firm works with defense counsel to design a strategy to minimize the immigration consequence of a criminal conviction and works with non-profit organizations to file a petition for post-conviction for clients facing deportation charges. 


Because of his background in crimmigration, Mr. Rocha has been retained by outside counsel to testify in federal court, consulted with large firms representing health professionals, and has been a speaker and presenter at various universities to explain the intersection of criminal and immigration law.  He is also a published author.  His work on these issues have been published by the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the University of Chicago, and is a lecturer at the Sandra Day O'Connor School of Law at Arizona State University.  He has also appeared in and been quoted by various media outlets.  


For an in depth look at his expertise in this area, please see the syllabus in this web page.  For more information about our consulting services, please contact the Firm.  

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