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Counseling Attorneys on The Many Moving Immigration Parts of a Non Citizen's Criminal Case.

 Our Objective

"Immigration law has dramatically raised the stakes of a noncitizen's criminal conviction.  The importance of accurate legal advice for noncitizen's accused of crimes has never been more important."
Padillla v. Kentucky

  Our Firm offers consulting solutions to criminal-defense attorneys representing noncitizen clients in criminal court.  Juan counsels defense Attorneys on the many moving immigration parts of a non U.S. citizen's Criminal case.  His knowledge of both criminal and immigration law place him in a unique position to ensure the best possible outcome for a non U.S. citizen client in these circumstances.  


  Because of his background in "crimmigration," defense attorneys in private, public, and non-profit firms, have sought Juan's expertise and experience to advise them on how to minimize their client's immigration consequences.  Juan has worked with defense attorneys in both federal and state criminal court offering advice on how a person's charges will impact his ability to obtain immigration relief before an immigration judge, the consequences of posting bond in criminal court, and the importance of preserving the record for appeal. Because of his knowledge of both criminal and immigration law, his clients benefit from having two attorneys in one person.  

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 Ineffective assistance of counsel claim could be based on the failure to inform a criminal defendant of the immigration consequences of a criminal conviction.

Juan's experience in these two areas of law have earned him recognition by the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project for helping an indigent client avoid deportation.  He has also been a speaker and presenter at various conferences to explain the intersection of criminal and immigration law to other attorneys. His knowledge of these issues have also resulted in having his articles published by the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the University of Chicago.   As a lecturer at the Sandra Day O'Connor School of Law at Arizona State University, he teaches his students about this emerging field of law. 

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