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Criminal Practice

The shield between you and the government.

Our Strategy 

The criminal law system can be overwhelming to people.  It's you versus government lawyers, police officers, investigators, and, at times, judges.  Whether a person should speak to police or choose to take a plea offer or exercise his right to trial can feel overpowering.  Our Firm protects people from being treated unfairly under these circumstances.  


His expertise in criminal law has led to the dismissal of federal indictments, suppression of evidence, favorable plea agreements, and not guilty verdicts. He has extensive experience and success in challenging deportation orders in in federal court.   



As a former Assistant Federal Public Defender, Juan has represented clients in various criminal cases ranging from extradition hearings to drugs, firearms, assaults, and immigration crimes, to name a few.  His background in immigration law benefits clients who are not U.S. citizens understand and minimize the immigration consequences of a criminal conviction.  Juan makes certain that the client understands her case and the criminal process to make an informed decision about her case.  He works closely with the client to develop a strategy to meet the client's objective reach a successful solution.  

Know your rights 

Knowing your rights is your first line of defense. The following video was taken from a real incident; it illustrates a typical encounter with police at a person's home without a warrant. Many of the things police said to the man were never included in their police reports.   


The video depicts a situation in which police went to the man's home and told him they wanted to talk to him about his truck, but then said they had a warrant for his arrest, which they did not have.  Watch the story unfold and use what you learn as a shield to protect your rights.



The information in this video is not legal advice or an assessment of your case. Please contact our office for a consultation.

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