As a former Assistant Federal Public Defender, Mr. Rocha has represented clients facing various federal criminal charges.  These hearings include extradition hearings, drugs, firearms, and immigration crimes, to name a few (for a more exhaustive list of offenses please see his course syllabus).  Because of his background and expertise in immigration law, he has been successful in getting federal indictments dismissed for his clients charged with illegally reentering the country. He has also been successful in getting evidence and statements suppressed. 


The Firm's criminal practice includes representing clients in municipal (city) and state courts.  Mr. Rocha represents clients charged with DUI, fraud, and violent crimes, among other crimes.  The Firm has secured favorable outcomes for the clients in these proceedings.   Even before a case is charged, a person can be the "target" of an investigation.  It is imperative the client retain counsel to represent him during police questioning.  Representing a client during this "pre-indictment" phase is critical to avoiding criminal prosecution or securing a positive result for the client.  


Knowing your rights is essential to defending yourself against the government. The video below involves a situation in which police went to the client's home and told the client the police wanted to talk to him about his "truck"; but then said they had a warrant for his arrest.  The Firm is dedicated to ensuring you understand these rights, for the client to make an informed decision about his case.  The Firm has filed countless motions to suppress, like it did in this video, to mitigate the consequences of the client's charges.  


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Know Your Rights

Knowing your rights is your first line of defense. The following video was taken from a real incident; it provides you with an understanding of what can happen when the police shows up to your house without a warrant. 

The information in this video is not legal advice or an assessment of your case. Please contact our office for a consultation.

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