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The United States Constitution guarantees legal representation to anyone accused of a crime within the nation’s borders. Public defenders employed by the state play a vital role in keeping the promises made by the nation’s founding document. However, the hardworking men and women holding these positions tend to have huge caseloads and little time to devote to one case in particular. This can often lead to unsatisfactory results for people looking to get the best outcome for their case.

Even all private lawyers are not experienced in assisting clients with these cases. It is why you need an attorney with years of experience and success in handling criminal cases in both state and federal courts, increasing your chances of getting a favorable outcome both in and out of court. When you are dealing with criminal charges or under investigation for a suspected offense, contacting a Mesa criminal defense lawyer should be a top priority.

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Unique Aspects of Criminal Cases

Unique Aspects of Criminal Cases

Like other states, Arizona categorizes the majority of criminal offenses as either misdemeanors for broadly less serious crimes or felonies for more serious offenses. These categories also come with numerous subclasses to differentiate between various charges. Unlike most other states, though, the sentencing range a court may consider when deciding what prison term to impose upon someone convicted of a felony can change drastically depending on whether the offense is considered dangerous, specifically targeted children, or the defendant is a repeat offender.

In addition, the state’s proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border means there is a great deal of intersection between immigration and criminal law in many criminal cases, particularly for defendants who are currently Legal Permanent Residents, who do not have legal status here, or who currently have a visa or Green Card application pending with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services. In these situations, guidance from a seasoned criminal defense attorney in Mesa could prove invaluable to understanding how the law may apply to a particular defendant and what defense strategies might best suit their unique circumstances. Our firm understands the intersection of criminal and immigration law and could apply that knowledge to any case.

What Could Legal Counsel Help With?

Our firm has experience handling criminal cases of virtually every level of severity, from first-time minor misdemeanors to repeat offenders accused of high-level felonies. Specific criminal charges that a skilled defense lawyer in Mesa could play a vital role in contesting include:

We have also represented defendants during extradition hearings, dealt with drug and firearm trafficking charges prosecuted in federal court, and helped individuals accused of immigration-related crimes, including deportable offenses.

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Take it from someone with almost two decades of experience: the legal counsel you retain or choose not to retain can significantly impact how and when your criminal case gets resolved. There is no substitute for experience and legal expertise when contesting criminal allegations, and if your future is on the line, having both on your side could be crucial.

A confidential conversation with a Mesa criminal defense lawyer could provide you with clarity about your rights and confidence about your next steps. Call today to set up a meeting to discuss your defense options.

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Thanks to the entire Rocha team who made it possible to achieve the goal of acquiring residence in the United States, giving us more than a service, they gave us hope and confidence to move forward, despite the inconveniences caused by a pandemic, they managed to adapt to all the restrictions in a professional way and revealing his extensive work experience in the end, everything has been reflected in favorable results for us.
Jonatan, Maricela
March 30th, 2023
We hired Juan Rocha back in 2015 for my husband seeking help with his immigration process and I honestly think the process would have been faster if my previous lawyer wouldn't have made the mistakes that he did (fired him) and I hired Juan Rocha, It defiantly was a process but he got it done, thanks to him my husband was able to see his parents and family after 15 years a day that my husband and I will forever hold in our hearts. Juan has a very special way of expelling things and he makes sure before you leave...
Millie Ruano
March 30th, 2023
On behalf of my family, we give appreciation and thanks to Mr. Rocha for assisting my husband to be allowed to join our family again. We were totally blindsided by the situation and when Mr. Rocha worked his magic for us, figured we wouldn't see my husband again, it was nothing less than magic to us! I have never had to deal with an attorney before so I was nervous but felt more at ease right away especially since Mr. Rocha either answered his own phone right away or was available to speak with when I called. This just made...
Juan Pedro & Doreen
July 12th, 2021

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