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Our firm is committed to legal excellence, tireless preparation, and supreme advocacy.

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We are available to defend your case and advise you on the immigration consequences to your criminal case.


We have extensive experience handling levels of misdemeanors and felonies in state and federal courts..


We customize our services for each client depending on need. Our advice depends on your particular circumstances.

What we do 

The Firm's focus is criminal, immigration, and appellate litigation. 

Our firm is the definitive group of attorneys for people facing the labyrinth of criminal and immigration law.      

Immigration Practice 

The Firm is involved in all aspects of representing clients in deportation proceedings—from bond proceedings to deportation hearings.  The Firm represents clients in removal proceedings in immigration courts throughout the United States.

Immigration Practice

Criminal Practice 

As a former Assistant Federal Public Defender, Mr. Rocha has represented clients in various criminal cases from extradition hearings to representing clients in drugs, firearms, and immigration crimes, among many other offenses.

Criminal Practice

Consulting Services 

The Firm offers consulting services to attorneys and government agencies to advise them on the immigration consequences of a criminal conviction and post-conviction relief for clients in deportation proceedings.

Consulting Services

Appellate Litigation 

The Firm represents clients before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Several of Mr. Rocha’s appellate cases have been published opinions and has had many cases remanded to the lower courts.

Appellate Litigation

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