The Firm is involved in all aspects of representing clients in deportation proceedings—from representing clients in bond proceedings to hearings before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).  The Firm represents clients in bond proceedings throughout the United States and works closely with the clients’ families to collect the necessary documents for their loved one's hearing.  Deportation proceedings can be complex; for example, a noncitizen client can be placed in deportation proceedings and at the same time be charged with violating a criminal law.  While there are some similarities between the two hearings, knowing their differences is crucial because what a client does in criminal court can (and often does ) impact her immigration remedies and liberty.  The Firm ensures the client understands how each impacts the other to effectively represent the client and ensure success.

Because every client's case is different in history, facts, and circumstances, the Firm's deportation defense includes filing motions to terminate proceedings, motions to suppress evidence, motions to reopen, and filing applications (i.e, adjustment of status, cancellation of removal, and asylum. to name a few) before the immigration court.  Like a bond hearing, the Firm works closely with the client and her family to secure important information to present to the immigration court.  To ensure the client feels secure and comfortable in her decision(s), the Firm carefully explains each step of the process.  Knowing how the process applies to his or her case is how the Firm invest in the client.     

The Firm also represents clients before the U.S. State Department (also known as “consular processing”) and USCIS.  There are two types of visas: (1) immigrant visas; and (2) non-immigrant visas.  The former includes family petitions, i.e., spouse, sibling, and give the beneficiary of the visa a path to eventually apply for United States citizenship.  Non-immigrant visas include, but not limited to: U-Visas, T-Visas, and B1/B2-visas (commonly known as tourist visas).  We work with clients to determine their eligibility for a specific immigration petition.   The Firm is also dedicated to assisting clients obtain work permits, waivers, and DACA.

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