The immigration system is a challenge to navigate and often presents many hurdles to overcome. There are numerous ways for non-United States citizens to enter and stay in the country temporarily or permanently legally.

However, all of them have strictly court-enforced rules and eligibility requirements. Call a knowledgeable Mesa Visa lawyer to review your case and learn more about initiating the process.

Visa Types and Residency Eligibility

While a person could qualify for a range of visa types, some of the more common visas a lawyer in Mesa could help with include:


T-Visas may allow people suffering severe crimes, such as human trafficking, to remain in the country. The permit could allow someone to stay in the U.S. for up to four years.


A person could be eligible for an S-Visa after assisting law enforcement with an investigation or prosecution. The permit could allow the individual to stay in the United States while the investigation is ongoing.

K-1 Visa for a Fiancé

A K-1 Visa could allow the individual to stay in the country before they plan to marry a U.S. citizen. The permit will allow the individual to remain in the country for up to six months but must marry within 90 days.

The Benefits of Permanent Residence Status

A range of benefits come with permanent resident status, including traveling out of the country and reentry into the U.S. upon return. Domestic travel throughout the country is also legal. Some of the other advantages include the following:

  • Family reunification
  • Pathway to citizenship
  • Legal protection
  • Dual citizenship eligibility
  • Immigration rights
  • Eligibility for government benefits

A person who receives a visa must remain in the country to ensure they follow all the federal and state rules and regulations, as failure to adhere to the laws could mean losing visa eligibility. A visa attorney in Mesa could review the complete regulations list during the consultation.

Immigrant Visa for a Spouse of U.S. Citizens

The husband or wife of a U.S. citizen may be eligible for an immigrant visa if they meet the legal requirements. There are many steps to complete to meet the approval guidelines required by the federal and state governments. According to the U.S. Department of State, the first step to initiate the process for an immigrant visa for a spouse is to file a Petition for Alien Relatives with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration division of the Department of Homeland Security.

While there is no minimum age requirement for a sponsor or spouse, the application does require the signature of an adult over 18. A visa lawyer in Mesa could review the needs and help maneuver the complex process.

Schedule to Meet With a Practiced Mesa Visa Attorney

U.S. visa regulations and applications can be confusing and frustrating. A person could be eligible for several kinds of visas. A legal advocate could help you determine the permit that fits your needs.

Our experienced Mesa visa lawyer understands your circumstances because he experienced the same situation. A skilled legal professional could help you navigate the challenging immigration law process successfully. We could answer your questions and help you reach a positive outcome in your immigration case. Reach out now to discuss your situation.

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Thanks to the entire Rocha team who made it possible to achieve the goal of acquiring residence in the United States, giving us more than a service, they gave us hope and confidence to move forward, despite the inconveniences caused by a pandemic, they managed to adapt to all the restrictions in a professional way and revealing his extensive work experience in the end, everything has been reflected in favorable results for us.
Jonatan, Maricela
March 30th, 2023
We hired Juan Rocha back in 2015 for my husband seeking help with his immigration process and I honestly think the process would have been faster if my previous lawyer wouldn't have made the mistakes that he did (fired him) and I hired Juan Rocha, It defiantly was a process but he got it done, thanks to him my husband was able to see his parents and family after 15 years a day that my husband and I will forever hold in our hearts. Juan has a very special way of expelling things and he makes sure before you leave...
Millie Ruano
March 30th, 2023
On behalf of my family, we give appreciation and thanks to Mr. Rocha for assisting my husband to be allowed to join our family again. We were totally blindsided by the situation and when Mr. Rocha worked his magic for us, figured we wouldn't see my husband again, it was nothing less than magic to us! I have never had to deal with an attorney before so I was nervous but felt more at ease right away especially since Mr. Rocha either answered his own phone right away or was available to speak with when I called. This just made...
Juan Pedro & Doreen
July 12th, 2021

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